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Doc's first retrieve.

I had a ranger/hunting buddy who had a male black lab he'd named Doc. My pal Terry and I did a fair amount of poor-boy duck hunting on public water in central AR, he had the dog, I had the boat.

Doc was deemed ready for his first hunt, and I had found some ducks on a certain remote slough on Lake Ouchita. At shooting time, a flight of mallards came in, and as agreed, only Terry shot, one duck, so as Doc's first would be simple. The stricken mallard drake fell from the sky to land just off the gunwale of the boat with a large splash, close enough that we all got sprayed.

"Doc, go"..........Doc leaned out of the boat and caught a limply waving wing from the bird, and drug him in. Of course, much applause...."Good dog, good boy" and the dog was quite proud of himself, as was his owner.

In the way of hunting buddies, I told Terry that only he could have a Lab who could retrieve his first duck, and not get wet.
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