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Back in Maine I had to worry about my dogs being shot on sight by a warden if they were spotted running deer.
Same remedy followed here during deer hunting periods.

Although my Grandpa used a dog for the same purpose. Dog's name was Bruno. A waist high mongrel hound. Gramps would set the dog in place. (told to stay) Then the old gent would back out those woods and circle out front re-position himself in good shooting place. Than blow his starter whistle loudly every so often. Dog would nose back & forth on the run until he pick-up scent and chase that deer to its Masters position and stop. Being a one person hunting party I was told "Gramp's seldom showed up latter in the day at the kitchen door without bloody hands and knife. Dog was given the liver and nothing else of the deer.
Eventually Bruno the dogs driving services came to a end as he was kicked in the head by a deer {as told} and died a few days latter from his horrific injury.
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