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Proudest dog in the world got his first pheasant.

My two year old labrador just got his first pheasant and it's a miracle to see how happy and proud the little guy is.

He aggressively chased two down in the deep brush, flushed them, and for once I did my part correctly, then he ran off and with a little direction found his bird. He's not ready to retrieve it yet (now that we have some pheasant wings we'll work on that) but putting your nose on it in the brush and wagging your tail like windshield wipers on high is a good start!

Nice big fat pretty cock pheasant, and so much curious nose while I dressed the bird out at home. I am thinking a maple/apple grilling as... I hit the bird light then hit it again in the air hard. Not the best shooting but better a little too hard than a little too soft.

He's kicked up quite a few but my shooting has been letting the team down. Not this time. He got to show he learned the command "Find It!" and he did!
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