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Audie Murphy's To Hell and Back

Audie was shot in the hip and visits a wounded buddy.

When I regain the use of my leg, I catch a ride to another hospital twenty miles away. I have learned that Kerrigan is there.

His back is to me when I enter the ward. For a moment I watch as he awkwardly shuffle a deck of cards with his bandaged hand.

"Is this the venereal ward?"' I ask loudly.

"No sir," says a white-faced youngster with his arm missing. 'This is casualty. Convalescent.'

"Then what is that syphilitic sergeant doing here? Kerrigan, I mean."

The ward becomes as silent as an empty church. Kerrigan turns slowly, shaking his head in disbelief.

"Why you mule-headed, rattle-brained, scrambled-eyed whore of a lieutenant!"

Mouths drop open.

"You crawling, creeping crap from Texas. You battle-happy sonofabitch!"

"He never did show the proper respect for officers," I explain to the other men.

"Respect!" he spits. "Why-why, you beagle-eared bastard, what are you doing in the rear area?"

"You'll be tickled to know that I got shot. Yeah. Lost a hunk of my hip."

"Oh, Lord, to think I missed that. Brother, am I glad to see you. You haven't changed a bit."

"And you're uglier than ever."

The ward relaxes.

P. 229-30.
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