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I'm sure many here read the classic, With the Old Breed. Eugene Sledge (nicknamed Sledgehammer by his buddies) wrote a follow-up book, China Marine, which recounts the K/3/5's post-war occupation of China with the purpose of disarming the Japanese Kwangtung Army. Sledge's battalion was fortunate enough to draw duty in Peking and went along the route that the Marines took to relieve Peking during the Boxer Rebellion.

When Sledge earned enough points, he was finally rotated home and reunited with his family. His brother was a major in a tank battalion and had been injured three times. After a while, his father, who was a USMC LTC who treated marines in WW I for shell shock pulled Sledge aside and offered a bit of advice.

"First, never become embittered because many other men had safe, comfortable war assignment, all too often obtained through political influence. That's the way of cowards in this world. Two, never feel sorry for yourself because of what you endured. On the contrary, feel fiercely proud that you served with the finest and fought against the fiercest enemy, and lived to tell the tale. Three, if you ever drink alcohol, do it in moderation. Alcohol can be a wonderful escape from bad memories, but it is addictive, will make you act the fool, and ultimately ruin you."

Sound like good advice even today.
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