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From Ray Lambert's Every Man A Hero

"Our roles as medics meant we were responsible for the general health and well-being of the troops. That turned us into inspectors -- of food and sanitation, and what back in the states would be called 'houses of ill repute.'

"Whorehouses would be a cruder but more accurate term.

"I went out on these inspections, escorted by the local gendarmes. Most of these places, which had apparently been functioning for quite a while had apparently been functioning for quite a while before our arrival, were located on a single street, while a handful of others sprinkled nearby. We'd inspect the houses themselves for cleanliness, then line up the girls and check them for sores and other telltale signs of disease. They all had, or were supposed to have, doctor's papers declaring that they were healthy. Without those, they wouldn't work.

"I remember designating one house off-limits, but otherwise every place we checked were in order.

"I also had to designate one home for officers, where enlisted men would be barred. That was easy. The officers got the house with the ugliest women."

Page 62.
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