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black powder Conversion cylinder

Hello, just a question looking for answers!

Ok i know of a felon "non violent DUI" 3 within 5 years (not looking to snitch) purchases a Uberti 1858 new army cap and ball on the internet and sent directly to the house, they then purchase multiple conversion cylinders (3) .45 long colt that fits right in (also sent right to the house and now fires what i would call a modern ammo round, sounds like they have found a loop hole. he lives in Indiana "not sure if the state matters" is this now considered a firearm by the atf. I as a gun owner with no felonies find this wrong! am i wrong in thinking it is against the law? I have read that as long as the frame is not modified to fit it it is ok and still not considered a firearm is this also wrong?
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