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Super-duper BIG congratulations!!!

I hope I didn't start anything with the other thread, but I'm glad to see that you're getting closer to getting me that pistol box.

The boxes I've seen through the links in the other post show the lid of the box being the whole of the side. When flipped up, the lid/side becomes a natural stand/bipod for your optics. Anyhow, this is a very cool setup (presentation being nine-tenths of showing off!), but I don't see how yours is supposed to work. Are you saying that the top and sides are one piece, literally being pulled off the base, leaving the rack of pistols standing on a base drawer?

Maybe I'm missing something in your description. Regardless, it sounds very cool and I'll look forward to getting mine in the mail. Where do I send the check?

P.S. Most pistol rugs are nothing more than a cheap bit of felt that is easily ruined. I've found a 18"x24" utility rug, from Wallyworld, to be more durable, certainly cheaper, and unfortunately larger. If at all possible, I would like the compartment to be large enough to carry the rug.

Otherwise, it sounds like a great bit of work and I'm dying to see some pictures. Please hurry.
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