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Wooden Pistol Box

On another thread about pistol boxes I intended to make a little brag about my wooden pistol box. Somehow my comment took on a life of its own and the thread more or less became about my box. (Sorry Lavan!) But the story became even stranger late last week.

It seems that one of TFL's members is connected with a woodworking magazine. (I'll plug them big-time AFTER I get a check! ) I was asked if I would design the plans for a little more simplified box (ie: regular dovetails vs. inlaid ones) and if it meets their standards, they'll publish an article about it. That shouldn't be a problem, as it turns out it's the same magazine that's published my plans before. My original box will be shown in the article as well, as an example of what can be done. Anyway, it'll probably be several months before it comes out in print. I'll be sure to let everyone know when it happens.

So, I thought I'd ask for input as to what everyone would like to see in a pistol box. BTW, the box will be proportioned somewhat like a sewing machine case. (And about 50% larger in all dimensions!) Here's what's in my current box;

- Front and back fold-down panels (so the box always sits upright and you can get to everything without moving something else)
- Lift-out ammo tray in the bottom of the box (keeps the CG low to make the box more stable)
- Lift-out, leather padded, six gun tray incorporating a clamp to keep guns from rattleing in transport
- Magnetic strip inside fold-down front panel to hold clips (plus raised edges of the open panel corral loose ammo if you're the "dump the box then load the mags" type)
- Rigid compartment in back fold-down panel to keep targets from getting creased/damaged
- Target compartment lid serves as a small, removeable, scoring desk
- Compartment for spotting scope (scope can sit on top of the box since the top doesn't move/open)
- Stapler compartment, storage for small tools
- Pen/screwdriver storage holes
- Storage compartments for (2) hearing protectors, (2) shooting glasses
- Storage compartment for Tac-7
- Storage slot large enough for most cleaning kits
- Divided compartment to hold (4) solvent/oil bottles upright
- Cubby for a hand towel
- Slot for (2) gun rugs
- Carrying handle runs full length of top (no matter where the CG is, you can carry the box level)

I probably forgot something, but what else should I add to the plan? (Keep in mind that with a full load of guns and ammo this is already about a 30-35# box!)

(An engineer, shooter, woodworker with too much time on his hands!)
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