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Digital Rights Management is hard to enforce. Sure, with PDF's one can password protect , prevent printing, & prevent modifications. DRM can not only encrypt files but also set them to expire, to only be opened by certain individuals (w/o login btw), prevent printing, screen capture...the list goes on. The problem is that once it is on a screen, what will stop someone from capturing it with a hi rez digital camera and converting it back to blueprint format? Also, most commercial stuff can be cracked. Serious...

DRM provides some protection, however, there are reasons why copyrights are a bear to enforce. This is the reason why authorities go after the distributors and not the peer to peer users. Also, once something is cracked and dumped into the dark web, I highly doubt any individual or authority can put the horses back into the corral.

Now, with all that said - we're talking blueprints for a gun not plans for cold fusion - most enthusiasts won't go thru that kind of trouble to save a few bucks.
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