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Originally Posted by OneEueSamuri
So here is my issue, I lost my right eye which was my dominant eye and I can also only shoot shouldering right because I have an issue with my left shoulder. I'm trying to figure out either a 45 degree offset or a side mount that will move my sight over to the left so that i can shoulder right and shoot with my left eye. Any help is greatly appreciated. SW Ar-15 can function. Note: I have magpul mbus irons but can't see the focal point because i have distortion also in the left eye but it's still usable.
I'm in a similar situation as you. While I can see out of my right eye I might as well be blind . What you can do is obtain extra high optic mounts and riser blocks so you can actually sight using your left eye and maintain your typical RH cheek weld. I did this method on my AK-47 , and my Mauser 98 when I was using optics. It feels strange at first but you do acclimate to it. Good luck, no worries just adapt!
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