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The Nu-Finish leaves a protective layer to help keep the brass shiny. But if you want more polishing action, mix it into a slurry with diatomaceous earth powder and let the media tumble with it long enough to mix it in. Diatomaceous earth is the same abrasive used in toothpaste and as a filler in some foods. You can buy 5 lb bags of it at the garden store as an insect killer, though it is not toxic (the stuff at the garden store is actually food grade; it kills bugs mechanically by scraping off the waxy coating on their exoskeletons so they dehydrate and mummify on the go—and then stop going, of course).


Read the rest of the thread. This really is tantamount to an old wive's tale unless you put the ammo in a rotary tumbler so big it can fall far enough for a pointed bullet nose to set off a primer. No tester has been able to degrade powder yet by tumbling in a handloader's brass cleaning tumbler, not even after over a week and a half of constant running.
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