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Box-o-parts Flintlock

Several years ago, I picked up a box of assorted lock parts at a gun show for $25. There were parts to 3 percussion locks and 1 flintlock in there. Two of the percussions I was able to save right away, one for a CVA Hawken and one for a Pedersoli pistol. The third percussion is just for the parts bin. I finally got around to the last one, a D.G.W. left hand flintlock that I think went on most of the pistols they sold years ago. It's a bit tarnished, and the only part I couldn't find was the sear spring. I looked through some other miscellaneous parts I had and found one. Didn't even know I had it. Cleaned it all up a bit, assembled it, couple light passes with a diamond file to freshened up the full cock sear notch, put a new rock in it, and voila!! Works like a charm. Thought you might like to see the video I made.
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