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Once while muzzle hunting 252 miles away from home . I forgot my primmer horn and its 3 gr. primmer measure'r. Having only a Day horn full of 2-FFg Groex along and arriving at camp after suppertime. Later that first evening I got a idea I turned over a coffee cups saucer. Poured 5 or 10 grs of 2-FF into its center ring/circle and chopper that 2-FFg into 4-FFFFg with a razor sharp duel purposed filleting /gutting Chicago folder.
I have turned 3f into 4f using a makeshift mortar and pestle. Just do 5 or so grains at a time and if it accidentally ignites, there will be no damage done provided you wear gloves and eye protection.
Goex really ought to sell 4f in quarter pound cans, an entire pound just will never be used up by someone only shooting occasionally.
FFg and FFFg will also work just as it is as a priming powder. I guarantee that the Redcoats were not issued special FFFFg priming powder, they used the same powder to prime as they used in the main charge. In the heat of battle, it's best to keep things simple.
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