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As I recall there is a powder {reduction} factor followed when preferred 2-FFG is substituted with 3-FFG. I {think?} that figure is 10-%.

Once while muzzle hunting 252 miles away from home . I forgot my primmer horn and its 3 gr. primmer measure'r. Having only a Day horn full of 2-FFg Groex along and arriving at camp after suppertime. Later that first evening I got a idea I turned over a coffee cups saucer. Poured 5 or 10 grs of 2-FF into its center ring/circle and chopper that 2-FFg into 4-FFFFg with a razor sharp duel purposed filleting /gutting Chicago folder.
No misfires did that homemade 4-FFFFg produce. In-fact I filled my Tag with a dandy 6 pt using that chopped powder later-on during that hunt. B.T.W-I wouldn't hesitate to do again if needed. A challenge arose on that successful hunt with my having to hurriedly re-charge my rifles pan for a second shot~~ not needed. Pouring the last of the powder I had chopped wrapped in a tube of wax paper into the pan facing a gusting wind was kinda problematic.
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