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Originally Posted by mehavey View Post
If you've got 3Fg, go ahead and use it.

Fill pan only to where the powder comes level with the vent hole -- not cover it (or worse, get/put powder into the hole)

For the main charge, use "about" the same amount of powder in grains, as the ball/barrel is in caliber (40gr ~ 40 caliber)

Important observation/question #1: Do you have a different/newer flint from the one shown in the pics?

Important observation question #2: Pull the lock after firing sessions and scrub it inside/out with soapy/water/toothbrush (15 seconds), dry it out and re-oil inside/out. (Dry off/patch clean frizzen before next session)
For the first test, I will fire without a ball or shot.

I do not have another flint. This one does seem to spark quite well. I need to move it out a hair bit more, as it sparks much better when further out than the pictures are showing right now. Is there something you see about the flint that you don't like other than that?

Thank you for the reminder about cleaning the lock and frizzen. I do have experience with corrosive primers and antique bolt action rifles, but this is different yet. By "pull the lock", do you mean remove it from the rifle like in the pictures above?
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