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Getting closer to shooting the old wallhanger

My plans fell through for the weekend so I decided to try and disassemble the cut down 1700's flintlock fowler I picked up last year.

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I had real concerns about the safety of shooting this old piece, as the lock was not sitting flush at the rear with the stock. I was worried that there was damage to the stock or rear of the barrel in that area that would make it unsafe.

So today I spent a couple hours trying to get 200+ year old screws and bolts to budge. After much coaxing, I managed to get the lock off, and I discovered why it wasn't sitting flush with the stock. One of the screws inside the lock had loosen up so much that there was no way for the lock to sit flush. Tightening it up got the lock to back into the stock further where it belonged.

I made a ramrod for it, to match the shortened barrel. It came out pretty good for a first try, matching the old stock fairly well.

I gave up trying to get the barrel off, as the top screw at the back would not come out. I eventually managed to get it to turn but it would only back out approx. 1/16th of an inch, and just spin in place even with another screwdriver applying pressure under the edge of it. Strangely, it would tighten right back up within a couple turns though. What does this screw go into? Just the wood stock, or does it go into threads on the other side of the trigger guard? I have no idea.

I had really wanted to check the barrel out thoroughly before test firing it. I guess I'll have to go with option 2, which is to strap it to an old tire, and test fire it remotely using a long string. I have some FFFg black powder, I just need to find some FFFFg for the pan.

(Pic from last year)

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