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Jim Watson Thanks, Tom.
Clear one thing up.
May an 07 SOT transfer a SMG to another 07 SOT without agency letter as you say above?
The only time a law letter is not required for an 07FFL is when an 01 or 07FFL/SOT is going out of business. ATF/Federal law require the FFL/SOT to dispose of his post '86 machine guns.

Fringe case: BATFE acceptance of an AR "pistol" with "brace" is arrant nonsense.
Seen in use they are not functionally different from a SBR.
Which there is no point in restricting, but it is the law.
When I saw the first SIG arm brace I said "that's just a crappy shoulder stock!". I think we are lucky that ATF was very liberal in their determination that it is not a stock. But that determination could change tomorrow at the whim of ATF Technical Branch.
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