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stonewall50 So I am curious about the use of these firearms. I understand the idea of “why not.” But can anyone direct me to legitimate uses of something like a Glock 18 or M93?
Same "legitimate uses" as any other firearm.

Like the Glock 18 is for “law enforcement and military only.”
This is due to the 1986 Hughes Amendment to FOPA. It can only transfer to LE or military, and samples to an SOT on a law letter.

So concealed full auto? With a stock I can see the concept I guess. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen LEOs use it. So? Anyone got any history? Any info?
The Glock 18 is easily controlled without using a shoulder stock. It allows carry in standard holsters and can become a carbine by simply attaching the shoulder stock.

At my last Glock Armorers class the instructor told us that there are several police departments in the US that issue the G18. Glock even provides a special course for departments:
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