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I showed a pal my old 870 in its current set up, with its thick 30 yr old aftermarket synthetic stock you could probably drive a nail with, rattle can paint job ( I got tired of taping it) duct tape and foam pad raised comb, to accommodate the saddle rail and the See All sight which sets pretty high. Once he got done laughing, he said "This thing is heavy!" and I guess it is. I came home and did the comparison against bamaboy's Moss 835, and the Moss 835 with its 24" barrel (my Rem is 21" including choketube) is indeed much lighter.
'Course that's due to the alloy receiver of the Mossberg more than anything. I've got a lighter, pistol gripped stock for the 870, complete with Kick-eeze pad, but I do not like it, the pistol grip wacks me in the ribs all the time when slung, which is how it usually rides. I've got a light boat paddle looking Choate which may be ideal, but it does not have a Kick-eeze. I'll likely arrange that for next year.

'Till then, I'll just hump the 870 like I always have, just a bit slower that's all. I must say, after 37 years, it is indeed beginning to look like my Grandad's old gun in terms of honest wear.
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