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I had no idea that turkey loads were being used in 3-gun matches! Seems like recovery from recoil would slow down repeat shots and add up through a long shotgun stage. Huh! What you don't know.

The 20 ga is somewhat popular here by a few serious turkey men I know due to it's light weight. Loaded with the modern "space shot", they kill turkeys with authority out to normal turkey ranges with no problem. All those fellows are younger (than me) types who cover a lot of ground, on public land, and the lighter gun is a plus to them.

A general comment, I see the addition of some type of optic the other big leap forward. Minimally, fiber optic rifle sights. I've got a good friend, in his mid 70's now, who has a Leupold 2.5x scope with 3-post reticle, that allows very precise shooting,and positive ID on birds as well.
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