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johnwilliamson062 Lets see if we can put together a large repository of ATFE letters.
Careful, while ATF Determination Letters may offer guidance or insight, they are applicable ONLY to the person requesting the determination.

For example, ATFs determination on the legality of the Magpul AFG only applies to the exact model submitted for determination. If company XYZ were to build an identical design that Magpul AFG determination letter does not apply.

Further, ATF Determination letters do not carry the weight of law. They can be and often are superceded by more recent determination letters. Yes, the ATF an change its mind.

Using someone elses determination letter to guide you carries the great possibility that you are in conflict with CURRENT ATF interpretation.

Here is a link to a bunch of rulings and letters: Since this list hasn't been updated in years, quite a few of those documents are no longer valid or have been superceded by subsequent letters or rulings.
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