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BATFE response letters repository

With the caveat explained by DogTown Tom in the second post of this thread, a repository of BATFE opinion letters can be a valuable resource.
To reiterate what DogTown Tom has said below, these letters are not legally binding and may or may not apply to any given circumstance. They are not legal advice from any person or organization including The Firing Line forum any affiliated organizations or any Firing Line staff or members.

Lets see if we can put together a large repository of ATFE letters. Would be an easy thing to reference in posts and when talking to people off the forum about these issues.
Loronzo posted a link to one yesterday, so I will start with his:

Angled foregrips on pistols

I will try to add any listed in replies to this first post as long as I have the ability to edit it. I will have to adjust the format as they come in as I am not sure what the response will be. I imagine hosting them somewhere wouldn't be a bad idea so the links don't go dead.

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