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Let us say you are 200 yards away from your dog with a rifle. You see some guy club your dog. Will you draw down and shoot the guy?
Not enough information for a knowledgeable response. Whose property are you on? What is the nature of the conflict? Was the dog threatening? What was the dog doing that far out of your control? I can dream up a scenario to make it perfectly reasonable.

Let's say that I'm in my back pasture working on a deerstand, and I hear barking. I look toward the house and notice my German Shepherd barking at a man I don't recognize. He clubs the dog unconscious, then moves toward the door to my home, where my family is located. Do I shoot him? You betcha. Totally justified. I'm on my property and responding to a deadly force incident to protect my family.

Now, let's change the scenario. I'm walking my dog, and he runs away from me, onto a neighbor's property. The neighbor is startled by the running dog and hits the dog with a stick to move him away. Do I shoot the neighbor? Absolutely not.

Each deadly force incident is resolved based on the facts surrounding that incident and until you know all the facts, you can't make a knowledgeable determination.
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