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Rob Pincus
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Let's remember that the reason they have a contest is to encourage people to come hear
and make use of the forum for intelligent discussion.

I too, feel into the instant immature thought of "hey..what'll get the most reaction?"
but then I realized, especially after seeing some of the other topics posted that this
was not hte right thing to do.
If people come here to have a real discussion do you think they are going to stick
around very long if all we are talking about it "what is your favorite multi-tool" or
some of the other boring been-done-to-death topics that were posted in a frenzy this

Afterall, we can attract many more people to this list by being intelligent thatn we
can by trying to beat dead horse topics like "what is the best .45 hollowpoint??"

I , for one, apologize to the list owners for falling into that category, however
briefly, please feel free to delete any frivilous or non-relevent topics I may have
added this afternoon.


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