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Here's what I said over at NYFirearms:
I fully expect that she will file before the mandate is in place, in order to ask for a stay of mandate, contingent upon cert. The cert stage will not end before the current Court calendar expires. So expect to hear of a grant of cert (which I also fully expect to happen) at the "Big Conference" at the end of Sept.

Since both cases were combined (for all practical purposes) at the CA7, we will see a cert brief by Madigan, then any opposition brief (in response) by both Moore (Alan Gura) and Sheppard (NRA attorney Charles Cooper). Then a final reply brief by Madigan. Along the way, there will be amici briefs filed.

Each side will present to the court what it considers the question that the Court should answer. Regardless of that, the Court itself may very well select its own question to answer, should cert be granted. I doubt that this case will answer the question of Shall/May issue, but reduce it to the absolute minimum - Does the right to self defense extend beyond the threshold of the home. That's a simple Yes/No question.
Alan Gura will still have to file for cert in Woollard, but if cert is granted in Moore, I expect that Woollard will be held. Also consider that if the CA( cases have not been decided, they will be held. And the CA# case. Even perhaps the NYC case at CA2.

Should I mention that all the cases at the trial court levels will be held? (Yeah! my PACER bill will drop to zero for almost a year!!!)
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