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Good article. Thanks for posting that one.

Originally Posted by Al Norris
The "other side" has framed this debate, which we need to stop anwering. We need to debate on equal ground... That is, we need to frame the debate ourselves, whether the "other side" likes it or not (and be assured, they won't like it one iota)!
I agree that the other side has framed this debate. I don't think we can quit answering, primarily because we cannot re-frame it if we do not answer. The antis rely on ignorance and confusion to win support, and we have to educate folks if we're going to win support from the fence-sitters.

They say: Assault weapon
We say: Semi-automatic rifle

They say: Gun-free zone
We say: Fish-in-a-barrel zone

They say: No one needs 'em
We say: Society needs for us to have 'em

They say: Look at the number of lives lost
We say: Look at the number of lives saved

They say: Look at the number of lives lost
We say: Look at which lives were lost

They say: If it saves one life
We say: Not if it costs my child's life
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