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Somebody is a Semi man and goes all weak in the knees if somebody says revolver and then he can't see the rest of the posts. To bad, so sad.

You would hate shooting with me. I don;t have a lot of money and I don;t have any fancy guns unless you count my Weatherby. Every single time I go out I take a different batch of guns with me. sometimes semi, sometimes revolver, sometimes some of both. I have been doing this for serious practice since 1971 although I started shooting earlier. I may not live up to anybody's expectations of being professionally proficient but I can handle every gun I have with confidence and so what I have to do to hit my target whether it be bullseye, rabbit or deer. Chances are I can handle any gun you hand me just as proficiently because I don't believe in being a one trick pony. It's my opinion that the specialist handicaps himself unnecessarily.
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