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RWS still loads both BB and CB caps, but they're hard to load due to the very short OAL.

Still come in the round container, Southla1.

Originally derrived from a percussion cap loaded with a round ball . Flobert was the designer, RWS still uses the term Flobert on their tins. Sometime along the way US manufacturers adopted the CB terminology to a 29 grain bullet in a short case @ 750 fps.

Actually the Super Colibri ammo comes pretty close (550) to the original CB, 20 grain bullet with no powder. And it's in a standard Long case (same as LR).

The Remington "CBee" was a nice round, a bit more quiet than the CCI version.

Even more interesting is the Eley "Zimmer" a 40 grain load in a LR case @ 800 fps.
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