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Before calling someone foolish, perhaps you should read what they wrote.
No Win-Lose, you made the mistake. I said the concept was foolish and asked when you would come to that realization.

From your arguments it sounds as though "something must be done".

I am arguing that nothing must be done and that already too much has been done to no effect.

This is because of this same foolish concept that you can make the world safe with laws. It's just stupid. If this were the case murder would have ceased the moment Moses unveiled God's Ten Commandments, or surely after Charlton Heston took them to the big screen.

It is already against the law to kill people without cause.
It is already against the law for a prohibited possessor to have a gun.
It is already against the law to knowingly sell a gun to a prohibited possessor.

But trying to make it impossible for a prohibited possessor to obtain a weapon is foolish because you just can't do it. You can only punish them for it if you catch them at it.
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