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thanks for the reply Jim. I bought the gun used from a dealer who had it as a police trade in, and hadn't shot it in years. I've never shot a .357 round out of it, all .38 special, as I was aware this gun wasn't the best one to shoot .357 out of, and .38 special was good enough for me. The cylinder has the same play when its catches up against the nub on the frame, which is what is making the 'click' as I move it back and forth. It seems the whole shaft the cylinder is on is moving. I'm not sure if the cylinder is supposed to be pressed against this nub at all times, or not. It spins alot more freely when its not touching the nub. If they were to shim it, would the shim be place in front of the cylinder, or behind it?

How can I tell how old it is? and what Generation M66 it is? I have heard that the earlier ones have pinned barrels, but I'm not sure how to even tell if its pinned or not. I have ready access to a digital camera if this would help.

I'll see if I can find a gunsmith to take a look at the gun. Thanks again.
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