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Semi-auto pistol porting

Let's hear some opinions.

My wife has a Colt Defender which has quite a kick. She recently bought a Springfield 1911 Ultra Compact V10, the one with the ported barrel. Now, before anyone points out that these are different guns, I'll point out that they are almost identical. The Springfield has about half the kick of the Colt. I believe it's due to the porting. Now to my question.

I have a Steyr S-40 that is a honey to shoot. Very controllable recoil and just fine as is. However, anything can better. If porting this gun would have the same effect as the porting on the Springfield, that 'd be great. Does anyone have an opinion or experience with ported semi-autos? Is it worth the cost and effort on an untried gun?

Basically, should I do it or not? Would the benefits equal the expense?
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