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12ga .69 Round ball load success (I think)

I am a long time shotgunner and avid hunter. I enjoy marsh hen, hog, turkey and deer hunting on a regular basis. As of late, with the ammo shortage here in NE Florida, I have started to reload my own shot shells. After spending some time loading birdshot and popping a few clays to check them out, I feel fairly comfortable with the results. Now, seeing as its deer season and I just acquired a new area to take hogs, I bought the Lee .69 round ball mold. It seems to cast a great ball. This morning I took my first 6 loads out for testing. Shooting freehand I was able to put (2) three shot groups on paper at about 40yrds. My load data is as follows-
Winchester AA-HS
Cheddite 209 primer
Longshot - 30 grains
DRA12 Yellow wad with the petals cut off to the equator of the ball
.69 caliber ball
8 point crimp
On three of the loads I put a little bit of buffer under the ball and left the other three with sitting in a naked wad. I didn't notice much difference shooting freehanded between the loads.

Everything seems to fit rather well with no bulging of the hull. The crimp is a little dished, which I think can be cured by a 20ga nitro card placed in the wad. Unfortunately, I am waiting for my shipment that includes my nitro cards from Ballistic Products to ship.

I was shooting from a 19in cylinder bore H&R single shot that I usually keep in the truck. I feel that with a little tweeking I may be able to put together a rather handy load for medium sized game out to 50yrds. If anyone here has experience in this field of expertise I would love to get your input, load data or advice.
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