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The Kronenbourg system sounds like the cat's meow!

I have no experience with it and do not know anyone who has or has used one, but if I had $10k to buy one I think instead I'd spend that money to pay someone to hang out in the pits and mark my practice target for me. Improve employment statistics, social distance, and so forth...

The Shotmarker, with all it's idiosyncrasies, works well as long as one understands it. I think for your stated purpose it sounds perfect. For our club matches it works well enough, I am just resistant to change. There is an old Texas saying about someone who "would complain if you hanged him with a new rope".

...and, if someone is good enough to shoot out the X-ring, why would he bother to shoot rounds into the berm instead of just through the hole he'd already made in the X-ring?
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