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@ Bobcat I would be a bit leery of using the Shotmarker in competition. As you may know each target needs to be calibrated before using for the first time. This only needs to done once but it needs to be done correctly. In reality I am not sure if it would make much of a difference. On the physical target I could put a orange dot in the middle of a blank piece of paper and use it as a aiming point while on my tablet the SM would be displaying a MR-63F or MR-65-F.

On the chrono issue, Adam MacDonald the designer/manufacturer does not recommend putting too much faith in the numbers. In his testing he had found that vibration can alter the numbers significantly. I am curios as to how the numbers will correlate with my optical chrono but if I really wanted to compare accurately I would use my Magnetospeed. It is the only hobbyist chrono that is not affected by external influences. I may just do that someday

Our club uses a Kongsburg system. Each target ran us close to $10K. On the plus side it has cut match times by 2 to 3 hours for 30 shooters doing four relays of three targets. Setup and teardown cuts into that time savings however. The target system seems to be finicky, sometimes requiring the setup guys to make three or four trips downrange tweaking connecting cables etc. The inevitable crossfires are usually caught immediately and corrected by the match director. Last match I had one hit not score at all on either my target or the target to my right, after checking my barrel for clear, all other shots did score correctly

As I posted in my OP I would recommend the system for private use for anyone who does mid to long range. I am not so sure about it's usefulness at close range or in a NRA competition. But for long range practice where there is no spotter pit, it is a wonderful in my opinion. If mine were stolen or destroyed I would order a replacement ASAP
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