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Is ammo availabilty getting better yet?

Originally Posted by wild cat mccane View Post
If you do believe him, your argument is bunk. And if that is true, who are the villains in all this mess? Retailers.

What happened to CCI 22 ammo when I told GlockTalk Speer/CCI sold direct for way cheaper than all retailers? It's vaporized.
We just had a very long back and forth between you and a number of members pointing out the role buyers play in all of this and you seemed to agree in post #98 they are also the problem. Yet here you are again saying the “villains” are the retailers, with no mention of the buyers. Is that simply because you are one of the buyers and don’t want to admit your own role in all of this?

The most interesting thing to me on that thread from GlockTalk is that a number of people there made the same points covered here, yet here you acted like those points were unknown to you despite that thread being almost two months old. If you just want to yell at people start a blog.

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