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I've had both. The 17 doesn't do anything I can't do with a 19. The 1/2" longer barrel does not improve accuracy for me. And I have the option of using G17, G19, and even the 33 round G18 magazines in it.

With a grip sleeve on a G17 magazine you get the same grip and mag capacity as a G17. It is essentially the same pistol as the G19X or G45 that was designed for the military trials. And if concealment is a priority then shorter G19 15 round mags can be used.

Or... Just buy a G45

This photo shows a G26 with G19 mag and a grip sleeve. It can also be used with G17 mags in a G19.

They function just fine without the grip sleeve. But the sleeve may improve the grip and aesthetics for you. I'm content to just use the longer mags without them.
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