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In addition to that point, if you are licensed in any state to drive a car, you can drive a car into any state you darn well please to.
The problem with the car comparison is, drivers' licenses are honored across state lines because of something called the Drivers' License Compact. It's not for constitutional reasons.

The Compact facilitates sharing of licensing information between states, which means a database of drivers. If we apply that parallel to gun rights, we'd be accepting a national database of firearms owners, and nothing good comes from that.

Moreover, while every state has to accept licenses issued by other states, they can define traffic laws as they see fit. The speed limit on I-90 might be 70mph in Ohio, but if you cross the state line and Indiana decides it's 45, they can do so. Individual states can restrict what kinds of vehicles they allow on roads, they can levy tolls, and they can even shut down the roads. If we imagine a 50-state gun compact, we can see how some states would simply put up roadblocks to make the carry of guns extremely difficult, if not dangerous.
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