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For reasons stated in the Declaration of Independence,our Founders forged a Constitution based on Individual Liberty and Limited Government.
Through long patterns of history,they recognised governments are comprised of flawed human beings who inevitably act on all sides of human nature.
We will always have people who seek power and control.
They tend to gravitate toward government.

Wise People,our Founders.

They chose the words "The Right of the People" . The People. That pretty much tells me WHO has the Right.

"To Keep and Bear Arms" They did NOT say "Such arms as are deemed approved" . In fact,it included warships. It was not till the NFA of 1934 that some arms were not actually outlawed, the slimy workaround of a "tax stamp" was applied.

" Shall Not Be Infringed" ...How does it get more clear?

Now lets look at Oath of Office

To Uphold and Defend the Constitution,against all enemies, foreign and domestic....

How can the Senate,in good faith,even consider approving any official who has spoken against provisions of the Constitution?
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