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I have my own explanation, I think its fairly apt, but feel free to take it for what you think its worth.

Where is the fringe??? On a flag or a carpet, or a blanket, or the surry with a fringe on top..its on the outer edges.

when you are infringing something, you are (almost literally) treading on the outer edges.
I think the Founders chose that word with the thought that the right to arms was so important that the Govt should be prohibited from even treading on the outer fringes, and since it govt was forbidden even the outer edges of the right, then the core of the right would always remain inviolate.

it was a grand idea. worked for almost a couple hundred years...

Its not what we've got today, but then, neither is our republic what it was set up to be....

One of our main problems is that there are a significant number of people (and people in authority) who feel that as long as you can get some kind of gun, (single shot preferred) no matter the cost, or the complexity required to meet regulatory requirements, then your rights are not being violated or even infringed.

One of my friends has been working part time in a local gunshop for the past few years, and has seen first hand the wave of new to guns buyers, who are amazed that they can't just buy a gun like buying groceries at WalMart.

Very, very few of them had any idea the required forms waiting periods and background checks a legal FFL dealer has to do for every gun they sell.

some even get a deer in the headlights look when its explained that they voted for it. A few seem to get it, so there is hope....
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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