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Cherminsky may be a noted constitutional scholar, but if what he writes is the same drivel churned out by hack writers, then he's just a well educated hack writer...
Law, economics and art all have the quality that a person may be very well versed in them, yet have an agenda that should keep them well away from any practical applications of that agenda. Paul Krugman wrote an economics textbook, yet he is a public figure for some seriously shabby policy advocacy. Marx wrote on economics, but made his name for other reasons. Picasso may be a big deal in the art world, but I'm not attracted by the images for which he is best known.

Lawrence Tribe is a very smart fellow and undeniably a legal scholar; he is also wrong on most issues on which he publicly opines. It's the nature of the field that makes being well read and being right different things.

I wonder about the perspicacity of someone who would write post Heller:

Originally Posted by Chemerinsky
When dealing with 2nd Amendment cases, the Supreme Court has repeatedly said that the provision meant what it said: It was solely a right to have guns for the purpose of militia service.
Everyone in this thread is aware that the 2d Am. doesn't say that at all, so it's hard to see how a very well read person would assert that in the absence of an agenda at odds with the text.
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