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I know HPs were never made by Browning, they were made in Belgium by FN, like most Browning labeled guns. That is basic Browning knowledge. I don't know date off hand when they farmed out assembly to Potugal but guns are so
marked. They also did same with some rifles like the BAR. Guys into Brownings don't like Portugal assembled guns. The Browning shotguns out of Japan have had little complaint except they aren't FN.

The #1 complaint on Portugeese HP is the triggers. The model 70wins were the
safety. I don't know what the complaint on BAR is I was never into them. I owned a couple early one and had no trouble with them. I don't pay any attention to Brownings unless FN. From what I understand you can take a HP
from Portugal and have it fitted by a smith and have same gun as FN, since the
parts supposedly came out of Belgium FN. There are a couple good books on
Browning FN guns but I don't know if they are new enough editions to go into the Portugal guns.

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