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Warning! Slide breakage P22

This is a reprint of my post on
I purchased an absolutely mint condition pre-owned Walther P22 Target several months ago.

The gun had zero wear and tear, and even the seller noted the pistol is near impossible to tell from brand new. I would say it had never been fired before.

When I first got it I tried one 50 round box of the stingers but the gun didn't feed well on 'hot' loads so I've been shooting Winchester Dynapoint through the gun mostly and it has about 6000 rounds through it.

Each visit to the range I would go through a 500 round box. Thats only 12 visits to the club in about 8 months.

The last range session the slide locked back after a shot and even after ejecting the mag and depressing the slide lock, it wouldn't go forward. I hit the slide from the rear and it shut. Well, I racked the slide several times thinking maybe the rails got fouled up even though its never happened before. There was too much resistance right before full slide retraction. It didn't feel right. I found when I pulled the slide back firmly, with no mag, the slide would stay back. I racked the slide several times again, with more vigor this time. It still stayed open when I pulled it back slowly.

I gotta say, 'thank God' I bothered to look at the front of the slide at all. If I had chambered another round, to test fire it, that slide could've broke free and hit my face or the candidate-member standing behind me. As far as I can tell, the front of the slide, that wraps around the muzzle of the barrel, is all that prevents the slide from sailing right back off its rails. Take a look at the pics...the slide is ready to tear free from this anchor point.

Let me stress...IT'S HARD TO shift from "im having so much fun shooting this fantastic little pistol" to "let me see if the slide is seconds away from breaking loose of the frame". I mean, why not just push the slide forward and fire the gun again? "Maybe with the actual recoil the slide will free itself up and stop sticking."

Ironically, last week I made a video while I field stripped the pistol after what I believe is the 6000round mark and in my narration I praise the function of the gun. The pistols concept is great and I was in love with the gun.

The 6000 round field strip video is online and so are pics of the broken slide. I'm gonna rush to post the email of the seller describing the gun as flawless to remove any doubt the pistol has fired more than my claim of 6000 rounds. I also have every single receipt from Walmart where I buy basic ammunition and not expensive hot loads.

I asked Walther for help but I realise it doesn't make a difference whether they help me replace this slide or not. I'm compelled to make this incident public.

I worry for you people that have your wives and children shooting this pistol cause I fear they may not grasp the gravity of a symptom like this 'sticky' slide.

View pics of slide here
or here

Alternate server for pics

Please post any Walther forums you know of here so i can get this message out. Everyone reading this also has my permission to post the above link anywhere a Walther P22 owner might find it. I am more than willing to answer any questions. Leave them here as replies so the community can follow along.

Note: I'd say this fella, Handy, is a darn prophet!

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