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Personally, I wouldn't screw around with awkward things like Life Card and would only choose a North American Arms Mini Revolver if it was in the Sidewinder (swing-out cylinder) configuration chambered in .22WMR.

I own a Ruger LCP, which serves as my all-weather EDC pistol because I can conceal it in any attire including a light pair of cotton shorts, so it ought to be easily concealable in just about any workplace attire short of a strip club, and unlike certain smaller options, it's got a decade long track record for reliability, holds up to 8 rounds, and is chambered in a centerfire cartridge which is generally considered to be adequate for self-defense.

If you don't like Ruger, then check out the Kel-Tec P3AT, which was basically the inspiration for the LCP, or otherwise check out one of the many other fine lightweight .380 Pocket Pistols which have come out since and proven themselves reliable.

Also, don't get me wrong, I'm sure .22WMR, .32 ACP, or heck, even .22LR/.25 ACP could get the job done in a pinch, but personally I don't see any advantage in choosing any of those when modern .380 Pocket Pistols can be made as small/lightweight as they are. So unless you absolutely cannot manage the recoil of a .380 Pocket Pistol, (which I don't blame you if you can't, as they are quite snappy, and obviously won't pair well with injured/arthritic hands) I would strongly suggest a .380 Pocket Pistol over a Derringer, Mini Revolver, or smaller caliber Pocket Pistol.
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