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I have a Hi-Point 995TS and a Kel-Tec Sub-200 Gen2(b), the (b) has a polymer receiver collar nut.

The 995 is a heavy gun, the S2K feels like a feather. Both shoot very well, so far I've had no problems.

I probably got 1000 rounds thru each gun at this point, my favorite to shoot is the S2K, just looks cool and I have no problems with sighting.

I spray painted my 995 in gray, currently have only the iron sights attached. I've taken the foregrip off the 995 and put it on the S2K, added a piece of clear tubing to the charging handle, and added an ATI recoil pad. There's no real recoil, but that plastic butt stock left a 2" bruise on my shoulder, the recoil pad took care of it.

I tried to attach some photos but they're too large, sorry.
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