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There is NO good reason to open the chamber from 2 1/2 to 2 3/4. You're taking metal away from the most important part of the barrels - where all the pressure is . Sherman Bell did some test a couple of years ago and found shooting 2 3/4 shells in 2 1/2 chambers only raised pressures about 500psi. So buy RST shells or handload to around 8000psi or less and you won't have any problems. A roll crimped shell uses a 1/4" less material to achieve the crimp, so a 2 1/2" roll crimped shell looks like a 2 3/4" star crimped shell before it's fired. Cut the shells to 2 1/2", buy a roll crimper and overshot cards from BPI or Precision Reloading and make some really cool looking shells. I have over a dozen old SxSs, most with Damascus barrels, and have never measured the chamber lengths - just shoot 2 3/4" shells in them. Parkers, Remingtons, Lefevers, it doesn't matter, they all work just fine.
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