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No. Unfortunately I was in a RTU, squadron who trained USAF coneheads how to fly the Phantom so most of my time was in the trunk as an IP(Instructor Pilot)..not operational. When I first got my orders, to 61st TFS(Tactical Fighter Squadron)..thought it was operational but not so fast. Also in the lowly 'D' model as all the 'E' models were sent to Egypt..(1978)..But still great jet. Very reliable, easy to fly.
Well, thanks so much again--I guess I better knock this off for veering too far off the thread. To partially redeem myself--here's a pic of my 10mm AR build--very lightweight and quite accurate even with a reddot to 100. I would prefer a locking lug BCG to the blowback--though with the carbon fibre tube changing the barrel is a simple twist-on and off since there is no gas tube or piston to worry about.

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