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Alright everyone... I ordered a Vortex 1-6x24 on sale from Amazon at $239 (+$89 mount). I do prefer the Primary Arms ACSS reticle ($289), but considering the $50 price advantage of the vortex and the (reputed) probability that the Primary and Vortex come out of the same factory... it seems a no-brainer to go with the Vortex.
Honestly I'm not a fan of Chi-Com optics or mounts, but for a field and range 'beater' scope I'm sure the Vortex will suffice - if it gets you off the bench (once you've zero-ed it and the irons) and into shooting from field positions. 1x-6x is plenty of variable magnification for a general purpose/general utility 16" .308.

I would, however, consider upgrading the mount to either one of the LaRue models or the less pricey-but-still quality ADMs.

probability that the Primary and Vortex come out of the same factory
I think probably 90% of the world's optics come out of that one factory--as well as egg rolls. I have an iPhone and I keep wondering if one day it's discovered that a hidden nano chip has been beaming all my info back to China.
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