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Originally Posted by agtman View Post
You want something low-powered, with quality glass, and for better light-gathering preferably a 30mm optic. Look at the various makes of 30mm 1x-6xs.

4x-16x is overkill and, frankly, impractical on an 'all-purpose'/all-around 16" .308. You're basically soliciting opinions on choice of magnified optic for a general utility, compact, short-range weapon.

Save the pricey, high-magnification optics for long-barreled bolt guns where most of your shooting will exceed 400- or 500-yds.
IMO, overkill is a good word to describe what Colonel Cooper used to refer to as a "Moon Scope" mounted on a general purpose long arm, but I'm not sure of the OP's purpose. ... Is a 16" RR carbine accurate and stable enough to take advantage of a variable in the 4-16 range?...Truthfully, I don't know the answer, but I suspect not. I am fairly certain that a "large" telescope will ruin the balance of the little rifle and defeat it's intended purpose. A 2-7 or even smaller would probably get everything out of what the little rifle is capable of and not ruin it's balance and relatively light weight. If it's just a bench target or varmint rifle not intended to be carried or treated rough then as large a scope as wanted would suffice.

A 4-12 or 4-16, etc. might be a good choice on a target barreled bolt gun intended for long range work but not for a semi-auto carbine...BUT, in the end, whatever makes you happy and gets you out to the shooting range or hunting's your money and your hobby.
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