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There is a goodly amount of mental issues with dentists as far as the industry goes.

Suicide amongst them is high as well.
A thread and poll posted on Arfcom ( around the same time that the Ashley Madison scandal broke out revealed that the medical professions in general, including nursing, has some of the highest rates of infidelity as well, and that people working in the healthcare fields are more likely to engage in adulterous affairs. Alcoholism seems to be rather high among this socioeconomic group too. I do not mean to disrespect or belittle the members of this very honorable profession who are responsible for giving care to patients all over the country, but certain social conditions and peer influences seem to work harder in certain groups and lead to more irrational and self-destructive behavior.

As a pretty pro-2nd guy, there are clearly people who self identify that they should not be carrying a firearm. This might be one (or two) of them.
But considering the credibility of media reports, we need to wait for the investigation and verdict.
You are definitely not the only one on this ship man! I think one of the last things anyone on God's green Earth wants to see is someone who is emotionally unstable getting access to firearms or any other dangerous implements. Hell, I wouldn't want them to drive either.

There were 30 witnesses to the altercation.

The account given by the dentists lawyer differs greatly from that of the police investigator, Herbert. The lawyer claims Walker is badly wounded and may lose his arm.

The dentist and her hubby have not yet given statements to the police.
Makes you wonder why they have not given statements to the police yet. They are fully aware that not only they started the confrontation, Walker escalated it by pulling out a gun, turning a fistfight into a deadly force situation. And now Walker's defense team trying to pull off a sob story about how this poor outstanding citizen is suffering so much pain unnecessarily because he got shot? If he had not played stupid games, that would not have happened to him. He had learned a lesson now, that just because you are a big and fast rat in the rat race does not mean that there aren't rats that are bigger and faster than you are. There is always going to be someone who will outclass, outgun and outmaneuver you.
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